The entire Kewanee Community is working toward common goals to change the culture of alcohol and drug use.


To decrease the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs among youth in the Kewanee Community.

The Kewanee Community Drug and Alcohol Task Force (KCDATF) has been in existence since the early 80’s. We formalized the name and structure to allow us the opportunity to apply for a federal Drug Free Community grant which we received in 2011. $125,000 per year for 5 years was allotted to our community to help us carry out a prevention program for the city of Kewanee.




Description of Our TEAMS

DATA & EDUCATION TEAM: Will continue to collect the data regarding drug and alcohol use including economic, demographic, institutional policy data and school information-communicate to the governing board and its workgroups, collecting the resource data-addressing marijuana in coming year; Issues that were not prioritized or for which additional data is needed: school disciplinary drug use; use of marijuana with parents; misperceptions of alcohol and marijuana use by peers; and perceive parents think it’s wrong for them to use marijuana.

 CHAIR: Lori Christiansen


  • Brooke Dooley
  • Jessie Seiden
  • Russell Medley
  • Katie Wager
  • Patrick Peach
  • Gene DeValkenaere


 LAWS AND POLICIES TEAM: Will continue to look at current law regulations and ordinances that impact substance abuse, support law enforcement and special events, now looking at policies in schools, hospital, and other settings with focus on marijuana in the coming year.

CHAIR: Catherine Hughes


  • Lt. Bill Rivord
  • Cheryl Geitner
  • Susan Carlson
  • Kathy Koehler  
  • Marianne Culver


COMMUNICATION & MOBILIZATION TEAM: Will continue to share the activities of the Task Force with the community as well as targeted messages about alcohol and marijuana—coordinate and plan the communication that goes out to the community with focus on marijuana and with modifications.

CHAIR: Karen Ream       


  • Carrie Boelens
  • Jill Milroy 
  • Jill Bullock
  • Beth Smith
  • Amanda Dybek
  • Sara Cervantez




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Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month
2:00-3:00 P.M.
OSF Saint Luke Medical Center
West Conference Room


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